Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Mullets are streamlined, gleaming flanked fish found in marine and freshwater habitats all over the world. The best-known species, the gray mullet, is an important food fish in many countries.

Gray mullet are highly versatile fish; they will adapt to freshwater, marine, or estuarine conditions. They are quite prized as a sustenance look and are extensively cultivated for this reason in domains of the universe for example Southeast Asia. These mullet can grow to a weight of nearly 18 pounds. Not only can they be sold either fresh or frozen, but particularly in less developed parts of the world they are also popular both in dried and salted form. Their eggs, called roe, are considered a delicacy, and these can be smoked as well as being sold fresh.

Mullet in Fresh Water
Many species of mullet enter rivers from the sea at some stage in their lives, although they spawn in the sea. The abu mullet from Asia is a species that spends much of its life in fresh water. Another of these fish that lives in fast-flowing mountain streams is the goldie river mullet, whose distribution ranges from the Philippines southward to New Caledonia in the Pacific. The North American mountain mullet, found through the southern states down to Venezuela and Colombia, spends almost its entire adult life in fresh water, only migrating back to the sea to spawn. Its young live in brackish water at first.


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