Thursday, June 2, 2011


It has no scales on its head and is toothless. It makes a point not to even have a genuine stomach. Yet, despite such apparent disadvantages, the goldfish is still the most widely kept pet in the world.

The goldfish is an end relative of the regular carp and, such as its cousin, it fails to possess much scales on the top of its head. As a result, the goldfish has been referred to as being bald. Also, in keeping with its closest relations, the goldfish has no teeth in its jaws. However, it does have grinding teeth in its throat.

Fish of Many Colors
GoldfishAnother feature that is typical of wild goldfish is that they are olive-brown in color. This aides them mix in with their base level commonly sloppy bottoms with waterweeds and offers security from predators. Other colors, such as yellow or orange, are also seen in wild goldfish, but these are relatively rare. The many colors of the varieties of goldfish kept as popular pets worldwide have been developed through careful breeding over the centuries.


This is a nice little article you have here; however I would like to point out that goldfish DO have teeth. Or, tooth, to be more specific. They have one tooth in the back of their mouth that they use to pulverize food. They're extremely small, and usually mistaken for particles of other substances on the bottom of a tank.

My fish shed their tooth about once every week or two weeks. Here's a picture of some of the teeth I've come across:

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