Friday, May 20, 2011

Conger Eels

These large, predatory eels can often be caught near the coast by anglers, because they often lurk around jetties. Conger eels are also frequently found by divers exploring wrecks.

Conger Eels
Conger eels are shy fish, preferring to stay out of sight and retreating into their hiding places if they feel threatened. In shallow waters they are usually nocturnal. They emerge under cover of darkness and often swim out across sandy areas in search of prey, which they grab with their powerful
jaws. In deep waters, congers are active by day as well as by night.

  Breeding Behavior

Conger Eels
Conger EelsMuch is still to be learned about the breeding behavior of the conger eel. It is thought that they swim to traditional spawning grounds, one of which is the Sargasso Sea in the western Atlantic.Other spawning areas are the waters between Gibraltar and the Azores, on the eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as possibly the Mediterranean. Scientists know this because they have found young conger eel in these places. The young, called leptocephali, look very different from their parents, having a transparent, flattened body.


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