Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Catfish are fascinating creatures. Some wink, while others buzz. Some sting and can kill a human, while others drink blood. Some even use jet propulsion to move through the water.

Catfish are one of the simplest bunches of fish to distinguish, owed to their whiskers, or barbels. Most species have four pairs of whiskers.One pair is usually on the head, another on the upper jaw, and two more are on the chin. However, there are many variations.

Remarkable Sound Box
Catfish also have an unusual bony structure called
Catfishthe Weberian apparatus. It consists of some small bones that link the catfish’s swim bladder with its inner ear. When the volume of the bladder changes, which happens when it receives sound vibrations, this information is transferred, via the bones, to the inner ear. As the sound waves are passed in, they are intensified (made louder), causing the catfish to recognize sounds accurately. This is absolutely helpful for species that live in overcast water where moving around, finding nourishment, and evading predators might be a situation. By utilizing the info they receive via the Weberian apparatus and the barbels, many catfish live successfully in water where there is poor visibility. Some types of catfish can make sounds by vibrating their swim bladders. These catfish are known as croaking, talking, or squeaking catfish.


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