Friday, June 10, 2011

Clown Loach

Like all animals, fish spend some of their life sleeping. However, no other fish sleep in quite the same way as the clown loach and its close relatives; they take their naps lying on their sides on the bottom.

The clown loach’s atypical resting disposition was absolutely unknown until an aquarist spotted it in one of his particular fish. The clown loach was lying on its side, hardly breathing, and looking as if it was close to death.However, as soon as the clown loach was disturbed, it simply “got up” and swam away in typical fashion—at lightning-fast speed. Since then, this unusual behavior has been well documented.

Popular Clowns

The clown loach is collected in large numbers from the wild. Youthful specimens are gathered for the most part for home aquariums, subsequent to the species is truly famous unpaid to its engaging colors. Larger specimens are taken for food. Despite this, the species is still abundant in its native rivers.

The two main reasons for this are the fact that the young are only collected after the spawning season, and also the fact that the fish produce vast numbers of offspring. Furthermore, the island of Sumatra, where the clown loach is found, bans the export of specimens larger than 4 inches, protecting future breeding populations.


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