Monday, May 9, 2011


Bombay duck is a popular dish on many Indian restaurant menus, but in spite of its name this item of food is not a bird of any kind. It is actually a type of fish known as a lizardfish.

LizardfishLizardfish all live near the deck of the sea, utilizing the solid pelvic balances on the sides of their forms to prop themselves up. Some in reality conceal off in the sand here,with simply their head or eyes visible, keeping their figures out of sight. They are brought lizardfish resulting from the fact that in a large number of ways they look like the proposed reptiles. Their heads frequently have a comparable shape, and when they move, lizardfish run in short, fast blasts, abandoning rapidly over the seabed to get their prey rather similar to a reptile pursuing an insect.These fish additionally snap particularly speedily at their prey, actually like
lizards. They have sharp, needlelike teeth in their mouths.

Sun-bathed Lizards

It is a particular type of lizardfish known as the bummalo or bommaloe macchli which is popular as Bombay duck. It has a slender, cylindrical body shape, and a soft dorsal (back) fin. These particular fish are caught in large numbers on the Indian subcontinent, especially in the estuaries of the Bay of Bengal. They return here from the sea to spawn inland in the rivers during the monsoon season, when the estuaries are swollen with water from the torrential rains. Bummalo are prepared in a traditional way,with their bodies cut into halves, cleaned, and then left out to dry in the sun by being placed on cane frames. Once they are thoroughly dried out, the fish can be kept almost indefinitely in an airtight container.


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