Sunday, May 15, 2011

Four-Eyed Fish

Four-eyed fish are not brilliantly shaded, nor do they have expand balances. As a matter of fact, they look practically the same as conventional fish—with the exception of that they have the most unbelievably extraordinary eyes.

Four-Eyed Fish
As their name indicates, these cylinderlike fish have four eyes. At least, they give the impression of having four eyes. On closer examination, however, it can be seen that in fact they only have two eyes, just like most other fish. However, each eye has two colored strips of tissue that extend inward from the iris and meet in the center of the pupil. This effectively divides each eye into a top half and a bottom half, creating the
illusion of four, instead of two, eyes.

Four-Eyed Fish
Four-Eyed FishTwo-way Vision
This division is went hand in hand with by modifications to the lens within the eye. These give four-eyed fish the capability to see above and underneath the water surface at the same time. The secret of this capability untruths in the shape of the lens. Beasts that live surrounded via breeze, as opposed to water, have extended, thin eye lenses with the sides a little bended outward. This is known as a convex shape and is the best one for seeing in air. However, the best shape for seeing under water is spherical.

The lenses in the eyes of four-eyed fish have both shapes: slightly convex sides facing upward into the air, and rounded ends facing the water. Inside each eye there are two retinas (the layers of tissue that receive images and pass them to the brain, allowing animals to see). One receives images from the air and the other gets images from the water.This gives the fish a unique and extraordinary ability.


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